Class 6 English | Chapter 1 – The Rainbow

The Rainbow


Class 6 English poem ‘The Raibow’ free notes is provided here.  If you are looking for class six free study material, this is the right place for you.

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Word Meaning
Boats  (বোটচ) নাওঁবোৰ
Sail (চেইল) নাওঁ বা জাহাজ চলোৱা
rivers  (ৰিভাৰৰ্চ) নদী
Ships (ছিপস্) জাহাজবোৰ
Seas (চিজ) সাগৰবোৰ
Clouds (ক্লাউডচ্) মেঘবোৰ
Across (এক্ৰছ) মাজেৰে
Sky (স্কাই) আকাশ
Prettier (প্ৰিতিয়াৰ) ধুনীয়া
Far (ফাৰ) অধিক, বহুত
These (দিজ) এইবোৰ
There (ডেয়াৰ) তাত
Bridges (ব্ৰিজেজ) দলংবোৰ
pretty (প্ৰিতি) ধুনিয়া
please (প্লিজ্) অনুৰোধ কৰা
Bow (বো) ধেনু
Heaven (হেভেন) স্বৰ্গ
Overtops (অভাৰটপচ্) ওপৰেৰে যোৱা
Builds (বিল্ডছ্) বনোৱা, তৈয়াৰ কৰা
Road (ৰ’দ) ৰাস্তা
From (ফ্ৰম) পৰা
Earth (আৰ্থ) পৃথিৱী, ধৰনি


Q. 1. Complete the following sentences by reading the poem by “The Rainbow” :

(a) Boats sail ___.

Answer― Boats sail on the river.

(b)___ Sail on the seas.

Answer― And ships sail on the seas.

(c) But ___ sail across the sky.

Answer― But clouds that sail across the sky.

(d) Boats and ships are pretty, but clouds are ___.

Answer― Boats and ships are pretty, but clouds are prettier far than these.

(e) The ‘bow’ in the poem is the ___.

Answer― The ‘bow’ in the poem is the rainbow.

Q. 2. Match the Following :

Boats Prettier
Ships Pretty
Clouds Prettier
Rainbow Pretty


Boats Pretty
Ships Pretty
Clouds Prettier
Rainbow Prettier

Q. 3. What are the things that the rainbow does? Fill in the blanks below with words from the poem.The Rainbow


(a) The Rainbow bridges heaven.

(b) The Rainbow overtops the trees.

(c) The Rainbow builds  road from earth to sky.

Q. 4. Two Summaries of the poem are given below. Which one do you like more? Discuss your answer with the friend next to you. Then Share your thoughts with the rest of the class. 

(a) The poem ‘The Rainbow ‘ is about nature. Here the poet compares the beauty of nature and man-made beauty. She finds that beauty created by nature is prettier than man-made beauty.  The clouds that sail across the sky are prettier than boats sailing on rivers and ships sailing on the seas. But the rainbow is prettier than all pretty things that sail on the rivers.

(b) Boats sail on the rivers and ships sail on the seas. But the clouds that sail across the sky are prettier than these boats and ships. The bridges on the rivers are beautiful. But the rainbow  that builds a road from earth to sky is prettier than the bridges.

Answe― I have read both the summaries (a) and (b). And from my point of view, both the summaries, are not complete. I would like to complete the summary of the poem Rainbow by adding a few sentences at the end of the summary (b) as given below.

Final Summary :- Boats sail on the rivers and ships sail on the seas. But the clouds that sail across the sky are prettier than these boats and ships. The bridges on the rivers are beautiful. But the rainbow that builds a road from earth to sky is prettier than the bridges.  The poet has compared man made beauty with the natural beauty. The beauty created by nature is always prettier than man made beauty.

Q. 5. (a) As you know, rhyming words are words that end with the same sound, such as ‘sound-round’. Here are same words from the poem ‘The Rainbow’. Work with your friends and write two words that rhyme with each of them :Class 6 English


  1. Boat → Goat, Coat
  2. River → Giver, Liver
  3. Ship → Cheap, Clip
  4. Sea → See, Tea
  5. Cloud → Proud, Loud
  6. Sky → Fly, Eye

(b) Now say the words aloud and recite the poem ‘The Rainbow’ for practice.

Answer― Do it yourself.

Q. 6. (a) Make a list of things that:The Rainbow


Sail on rivers and seas move on the road fly across the sky

Ship (জাহাজ)

Boat (নাও)

Bicycle (বাইচাইকেল)

Bus (বাছ)

Scooter (স্কুটাৰ)

Car (কাৰ)

 Aeroplane (এৰোপ্লেন)

Helicopter (হেলিকপ্তাৰ)

(b) Now make three sentences with any of the words from the list above.


Boat → Boat sails on the rivers.

Bicycle → I have a bicycle.

Helicopter → I ahve seen a helicopter yesterday.

Q. 7. Read the following stanza of the poem ‘The Rainbow’ and write what you have understood about it. Draw a picture to go with it:

Boats sail on the rivers,

    And ships sail on the seas;

But clouds that sail across the sky

    Are prettier far than these.

Answer― Boats and ships both look pretty when they sail on the rivers and seas. But the clouds that sail across the sky look prettier than boats and ships.

Q. 8. Let’s learn some grammar : Read the poem ‘The Rainbow’ once again. Find words belonging to the following word classes and write them in the spaces below. One is done for you. You may fill the spaces with other words if you do not find an appropriate word in the poem.

(a) Noun (naming words, for example, ‘boat’):__,__

Answer― Ship, river, sea, cloud.

(b) Pronoun (a word used instead of a noun; for example, ‘it’):__,__

Answer― These, those, this, that.

(c) Adjective (a word that describes a person or a thing; for example ‘pretty’):

Answer― Angry, good, bad, beautiful.

(d) Verb (a word or a group of words that express an action; for example, ‘eat’, ‘run’)

Answer― Run, dance, sail, jump.

Q. 9. The words you have written in 8 (c) are called adjectives because they say something more about a noun or a pronoun. In the poem ‘The Rainbow’ you found the adjectives Pretty and prettier. Such adjectives show the degree of something, as shown below:

Comparison of AdjectivesThe Rainbow Poem Class 6

Now think of two other adjectives that can be compared in the same way (as above), and write them in their degrees (Positive, Comparative and Superlative degree) in the space below :


Positive Degree Comparative Degree Superlative Degree
Small Smaller Smallest
Tall Taller Tallest

Now complete the table below by filling in the columns as shown in the examples. Two have been done for you.

Positive Degree Comparative Degree Superlative Degree
Pretty Prettier Prettiest
Beautiful More Beautiful Most Beautiful
heavy heavier heaviest
brave breaver breavest
famous more famous most famous
simple simpler simplest
popular more popular most popular
active more active most active

Q. 10. You must have seen in the poem how a word belonging to one word class may be used as a different word class. For example,

bridge (noun) : There is a bridge on the river.

bridge (verb) : The rainbow bridges the earth and sky.

Now make sentences using the following words first as a noun, and then as a verb:

book, hand, back, sail, bow, water


book (noun) : I have a great book.

book (verb) : I have booked a ticket.

hand (noun) : Ram has a flower in his hand.

hand (verb) : Sita handed the letter to me.

back(noun): Ram is at the back of the bus.

back(verb): Hori backed me into a corner at school.

sail(noun): Let’s go for a sail.

sail(verb): The boat sailed easily acroos the river.

bow(noun): Ram made a bow.

bow(verb): Hori bowed down to his father.

water(noun): Give me a glass of water.

water(verb): We need to water the garden.

Q. 11. Let’s practise our word building skills. Make a few words with each of the letters from the word RAINBOW. First make a three letter word and then a four letter word and so on. One is done for you:The Rainbow poem solutions

Answer―Class 6 English Chapter 1 

Q. 12. (a) Ask the following questions to your partner and write his/her answers in the space:

(i) Have you ever seen a rainbow?

Answer― Yes, I have seen a rainbow.

(ii) What does the rainbow look like?

Answer― The rainbow looks like a road from earth to sky.

(iii) When do you see a rainbow?

Answer― We see a rainbow in daytime.

(iv) What colours do you see on a rainbow?

Answer― We see violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red on a rainbow.

(b) Write a few sentences on how you feel when you see a rainbow in the sky. You can take help from the box. 

happy       excited      full of joy


Answer― I feel very happy when I see a rainbow in the sky. This beautiful scene excited me for several hours. Do you know that I was full of joy and happiness when I saw it for the first time.

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Q. 13. Look at the picture and read the poem about a bird which lived on the island of Mauritius in the Indian ocean.

The Dodo

The Dodo used to walk around

And take the sun and air.

The sun yet warms his native ground –

The Dodo is not there!

The voice which used to squawk and squeak

Is now forever dumb-

Yet you may see the bones and beak

All in the museum.

-Hillaire Belloc

Dodos were large birds that could not fly. They are no longer on the earth now. They have become extinct.

In small groups, discuss why we should take care of nature’s gifts such as plants and animals.

Answer― We should take care of nature’s gifts such as plants and animals, because they make our world beautiful. Plants produce foods and release oxygen in the atmosphere so that all the animals can survive. In return, animals also produce carbon dioxide so that plants can make their own food. That’s why we should carefully protect the gifts of nature else one day they may extinct like the Dodo bird.

Word Meaning
Dodo (ডোডো) উৰিব নোৱাৰা এবিধ ডা‍ঙৰ চৰাই
Walk (ৱাক) খোজ কঢ়া
Around (এৰাউন্দ) চাৰিওফালে
Yet (য়েট) এতিয়াও
Warms (ৱাৰ্মচ্) গৰম, উম লগোৱা
Native (নেতিভ) নিজৰ
Ground (গ্ৰাউণ্ড) মাটি
Voice (ভইচ) মাত
Squawk (স্কোৱাক) ডাঙৰ হুতা মাত
squeak (স্কুইক) চিঞৰ বাখৰ
Forever (ফৰইভাৰ) চিৰদিনৰ বাবে
Dumb (ডাম্ব) বোবা, কথা ক’ব নোৱাৰা
Bones (ব’নচ্) হাড়বোৰ
Beak (বিক) ঠোঁট
Museum (মিউজিয়াম) যাদুঘৰ

Q. 14. Look at the picture and read the following sentences :

Lesson 1 English Class sixIt is of the white winged wood duck. The white winged wood duck lives in tropical forests and the  wetlands of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and parts of South East Asia. The number of white winged wood ducks is decreasing. Let’s not allow this duck to become extinct.

Discuss in groups what you would do to stop it from becoming extinct. Write down a few steps that you would like to conserve it.

You may take help of the following words and phrases for your discussion.English poem class six

Answer― To stop the white winged wood duck from becoming extinct we may take some steps as given below:

  1. Try to protect white winged wood duck from hunters.
  2. People should stop killing white winged wood ducks for meat.
  3. Try to make people aware that the the numbers of white winged ducks are decresing day by day.
  4. People should give importance to preserve nature.
  5. No lakes and forest should be destroyed as they are the home of wild animals and birds.
  6. We humans should share mother earth with all other living creatures.

Q. 15. Say these words aloud after your teacher for pronounciation practice.Class six English Assam

Answer― Do it with your teacher.

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