Class 5 English | Lesson 4 – The Strok And The Fox

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Class 5 English Lesson 4 Question Answer

Word  Meaning
Lunch দুপৰীয়াৰ আহাৰ, মধ্যাহ্নভোজন
Dinner ৰাতি কৰা ভোজন
Meal আহাৰ
Respond প্রতিক্রিয়া কৰা
Request অনুৰোধ
Sadly দুখমনেৰে
Happily সুখীমনেৰে
Fine উত্তম
Beak ঠোঁট

The Stork And The Fox

Lesson 4


Q. 1. Let’s see how much we have understood. Choose the correct answer:

a) The fox invited the stork for

i)  lunch

ii)  breakfast

iii)  dinner

iv)  tea

Answeri) lunch.

b) The stork requested the fox to serve his food in

i)  a plate

ii)  a cup

iii)  a pot

iv)  a bowl

Answeriii) a pot.

c) The stork served the food in

i) a pot

ii) a bowl

iii) a plate

iv) a glass tumbler

Answeri) pot

d) The fox could not eat the meal served by the stork because

i)  the meal was not tasty

ii) he was not feeling well

iii) the food was hot

iv) the pot in which the food was served had a long and thin neck.

Answeriv) the pot in which the food was served had a long and thin neck.

Q. 2. Write the answers:

a) Who invited the stork for launch?

AnswerThe fox invited the stork for launch.

b) What was the utensil in which the fox served the meal?

AnswerThe fox served the meal on a beautiful plate.

c) Why didn’t the stork respond to the fox’s request?

AnswerThe stork didn’t respond to the fox’s request because he wanted the fox to realize how he treated him in his house.


The stork didn’t respond to the fox’s request because he wanted to teach him a lesson.

Q. 3. Read the meal timetable of the stork:

Meal Time
Breakfast 8:30 a.m.
Lunch 1:00 p.m.
Dinner 9 p.m.

a) At what time does the stork have his launch?

AnswerThe stork have his launch at 1:00 p.m.

b) What does the stork have at 8:30 a.m.?

AnswerThe stork have breakfast at 8:30 a.m.

Q. 4. Work in pairs:

Ask each other the following questions about your favourite dish.

a) What is your favourite dish?

AnswerMy favourite dish is kheer.

b) Who cooks it for you?

AnswerMy grand mother cooks it for me.

c) What ingredients are used to make it?

AnswerIt is made with rice, sugar and milk.

d) Why do you like it?

AnswerI like it because it is so tasty.

Q. 5. Read the following sentences:SCERT class 5 English

The first sentence is used to make an invitation. The second is used to make a request.

Now, read the sentences below and say which one is used to make an invitation and which one is used to make a request.The stork and the fox

AnswerCould you come to my house for dinner today ? -an invitation.

Will you please give me the food in a pot ? -a request.

Q. 6. Work in pairs and make invitations and requests using the clues in the brackets:

a) Will you ………………………………………………….. (give, pen)?

AnswerWill you give me a pen?

b) Would you …………………………………………………. (like, some, chocolate)?

AnswerWould you like to eat some choclate?

c) Could you ………………………………………………… (come, my house)?

AnswerCould you come to my house?

d) May I ……………………………………………………… (play, you)?

AnswerMay I play with you?

Q. 7. Bina is Rohit’s sister. They, along with their parents are at their uncle’s place in Tezpur for Magh Bihu. Now they are having tea. Let’s read their conversation:The stork and the fox question answer

Q. 8. Let’s see how much we have understood: 

a) Who visited whom and on what occasion?

AnswerBina and Rohit along with their parents visited their uncle’s place on the occasion of Magh Bihu.

b) What are the people in the picture doing?

AnswerIn the picture, the people are eating til pitha, ghila pitha, laru and sira, doi with gur.

c) What did Bina’s aunt say to Bina?

AnswerBina’s aunt said to Bina to eat some more ghila pitha.

d) What did Bina’s uncle offer to his brother?

AnswerBina’s uncle offered a kilo of gur to his brother.

Q. 9. Answer the following questions in a serial order to complete the narration of a recent visit you made to your friend’s/relative’s place.

a) Where did you go and when?

AnswerI went to Guwahati in last February.

b) Who did you visit and with whom?

AnswerI visited uncle’s house along with my parents.

c) How did the host behave when he/she saw you?

AnswerThe host behaved politely when he saw us.

d) What did you do there?

AnswerWe visited zoo, Museum, Umananda temple and Sankardeva kalakshetra.

e) What did you talk about?

AnswerWe talked about the animals we had seen in Zoo and the beauty of mighty Brahmaputra.

f) What did you eat?

AnswerWe had eaten pitha, sira-doi with gur and famous assamese thali.

g) Did you like the food and why?

AnswerYes, I liked the food because it was so tasty.

h) How did you feel?

AnswerI did feel very happy and energetic.

Q. 10. While going back home, Bina, Rohit and their parents stopped at a tea stall to have tea and snacks. This is the menu that they were given. Read it aloud:Class 5 English Lesson 4

Imagine that you are at this tea stall. Which of the above food items will you have? Count and say how much money you will have to pay.

AnswerI will eat Sira doi and it will cost only Rs 20/-.

Q. 11. Draw your favourite food and colour it.

AnswerDo it yourself with the help of your teaher.

Q. 12. Bina shows this advertisement to her father:class 5 English

Bina tells her father, “This is an advertisement for snacks sold by Jalpan. I like the ghila pithas. Let’s order some. If we buy pithas for Rs. 100 or more we will get 50% off.”

13. a) Collect and paste an advertisement here. Write two sentences about it.


Bhogali jalpan

Q. 13 b) Now tell your friend a few sentences about it.

AnswerBhogali Jalpan is the best place to buy authentic Assamese foods. The company was established in the year 1997 and since then it has been providing a variety of rice based products to the people of Assam.

Q. 14. Find words ending with ‘ly’ from the word grid below:


AnswerQUIETLY -2nd Row


SLOWLY – 5th Row


SOFTLY- Last Coloumn

Q. 15. Bina has drawn the following picture in a drawing competition.The stork and the fox SCERT

Bina has to write a paragraph of five sentences about the picture. Work in pairs and help her in writing the paragraph. You may use the words from the box below.

on the eve of Magh Bihu               celebrate                     community feast

merry making               gather             people       Uruka       food items

Answer1) Magh Bihu is a festival celebrated in January in Assam.

2) On the eve of Magh Bihu which is called “Uruka” people gather around a bonfire, cook dinner and eat together.

3) After the feasting, Uruka is over.

4) During Magh Bihu people make different pithas like til pitha, ghila pitha, laru etc.

5) Magh Bihu is also known as Bhogali Bihu.

Q. 16. a) Write in the oval below the name of a festival that you celebrate:The stork and the fox class 5

Pick up any four points related to the festival from the box below and complete the word web with appropriate words.

special dress        gifts             time of celebration              special food

rituals              places of celebration               reason of celebration

Q. 16. b) Among the four points which one will you choose first and then next? Write them below accordingly:

i) _____________________                       ii) ____________________

iii) ____________________                        iv) ____________________

i) places of celebration                                   ii) time of celebration

iii) special dress                                                iv) special food

Q. 16. c) Now make sentences using the above points to form a paragraph and write in your notebook.

AnswerBihu is celebrated in Assam three times in a year. Bohag Bihu in the middle of April month, Magh Bihu in the middle of January month and the Kati Bihu in the middle of October month. During the Magh Bihu people of Assam make pitha of rice with various names such as shunga pitha, til pitha, laru, til pitha etc.

Sl No. Contents (Class 5 English)
1 All Things Bright And Beautiful
2 The Joy of Helping
3 Bird Talk
4 The Stork And The Fox
5 Let’s Write A Story
6 The Joy of Living
7 My Story
8 Hello Computer!

Q. 17. Pick up any one card from below and say two or three sentences about it.

AnswerYour favourite food

My favourite food is kheer. My mother often cook it for me. Kheer is made with rice, sugar and milk.

Your favourite festival

My favourite festival is Rangali Bihu. It is celebrated in the middle of April. People gather together in an open field in traditional clothes and dance to the beats of dhol, pepa and taal.

Your best friend

My best friend is Rohit Barua. He is tall, smart and a very caring boy. He is very good in the studies and always comes first in the class.

Q. 18. Rohit is in Guwahati to participate in a debating cometition. Rohit’s friends Jabin and Hardip are talking about Rohit’s chance of winning the competition.

Now read the answers that Jabin gives and make the question that Rohit asks.Class 5 English Assam

AnswerHow Rohit has prepared himself for the competition?

How Rohit presents his ideas?

How Rohit speaks in front of audience?

Q. 19. Some of us are good at painting, singing, dancing etc. Work in pairs and ask each other what you are good at. Also say how well you do it.

AnswerDo it with the help of your class teacher.

Q. 20. Read what happened to the stork in the house of the fox:

a) He looked at his plate hungrily.

Now, read how the fox left the house of the stork.

b) He left the place sadly.

The underlined words in sentences a) and b) say how something is done.

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